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What Matters

Our Key Cultural Values

Gathering Matters =

We believe the local church is vital to the health and growth of any Jesus-follower. Jesus promised that the church will continue until His return and will be unstoppable, even by the powers of Hell. Both the gathering for worship and the going to serve are necessary and powerful acts of obedience for those who follow Jesus.

Family Matters =

So we fight for family! We fight to reach families. We fight to protect families by not over-scheduling their time. We fight to build strong marriages, strong parents, and strong homes in Jesus Name.

Next Gen Matters =

So we give Next Gen our first and best. We work hard to reach and empower them. We create space in the daily life of the church for young believers to have ownership and a voice.

Groups Matter =

Since we believe that healing, health, and wholeness never happen in isolation, but rather within environments of togetherness, Small Groups are a vital piece to growing in a relationship with God.

Community Matters =

So we are committed to building a better community in Jesus’ Name, no strings attached.

You Matter =

This is the attitude that inspires us to action. You first, me last. The attitude of humility that Jesus has towards us.

Jesus Matters =

So we do everything we can to make much of Him and bring glory to His Name in all we do.

Mission Matters =

So we stay focused on Jesus’ command to make disciples by developing people to be servants to the lost rather than developing church programs to be consumed by the saved. Instead of a missions department or pastor, we see every Jesus-follower as a missionary and seeing the activities of our everyday lives as mission opportunities.

Word and Spirit Matter =

So we focus on the foundational truth of Scripture in all ministry areas of Riverbend Church and rely on the Holy Spirit’s leadership, guidance, and anointing for every facet of Riverbend Church.

Unity Matters =

So we focus on what unites us not what divides us; what we’re FOR instead of only what we’re against.

Serving Matters =

So we encourage each person who calls Riverbend Church home to serve in some capacity because we know that serving with others is an avenue for spiritual growth.

Generosity Matters =

So we live with an irrational generosity mindset. We believe in giving a tithe (1/10th) to the Lord through the church and we seek to be generous in all we do. All we have has been given to grow God’s Kingdom through our lives. The most tangible way we worship is by giving our time, gifts, and resources. (After all, we can’t take any of it with us.)