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Project Hope

Building a better community in Jesus' name.

Project HOPE (noun) =
Our calling to build a better community in Jesus' name.

We believe this is our call to give, serve, and love our community in Jesus' name with YOU MATTER attitude towards everyone.

Mobilizing the people of Riverbend Church for significant ministry.

Pro-ject HOPE (verb) =
Putting the hope of Jesus on display through my life.

We desire to empower each person that is a part of Riverbend to know, love, and live new life in Jesus in a way that impacts every area of our lives outside and inside the church building.

Project Hope is an initiative of Riverbend Church to mobilize our resources and people for the sake of building a better community in Jesus' name. We do this by mobilizing church members and partnering with existing ministries to care for the needs in Riverbend and our community. We have been called by God to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, invite strangers in, clothe the naked, care for the sick, visit those in prison, and care for widows and orphans (Matthew 25).

We use the phrase, Project Hope, in two ways:
1. Project Hope (noun) - This is our corporate calling to build a better community in Jesus' name.
2. Pro-ject Hope (verb) - This is our desire to see every member and visitor of Riverbend mobilized to display the hope of Jesus in their lives.