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We want them in our lives. Maybe we’re chasing them, searching for them in the wrong places, trying to fill a void with many things, but nothing that satisfies. Nothing but Jesus. God’s greatest gift, a baby, our Savior who was sent to love us, makes us overflow with joy, fills us with peace, and promises us hope.

Come experience Jesus. Come celebrate Christmas with us at Riverbend.

When you experience Christmas at Riverbend, we want you to feel a sense of belonging and warmth here at Riverbend along with understanding that what you’re chasing after may very well not be bad…it’s just not going to lead you to your desired outcomes of hope, peace, joy, and/or love. Let this be the Christmas that you experience the authenticity of Jesus in your life and refocus on Him this season to propel you into 2024.

Join us for Christmas at Riverbend on Sundays.

On Christmas Eve, Little River environments will be open.

GAINESVILLE CAMPUS - 9:30 am & 11:00 am
ONLINE - 9:30 am